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Occupational Medicine Onsite Assessment

Onsite Occupational Medicine program assessment

This intensive 2-day onsite assessment of your occupational medicine program will help answer questions like:

How many employees are in your market?

What industries are they in?

Who is your competition?

What is your market share?

What is your revenue prediction?

How should you be staffed?

What are your market opportunities for new or expanded services?

How do you compare with productivity benchmarks?

How happy are employers with your services?

Market Analyzer

How many employees in your market, what's your share of the revenue?

Policies & Procedures

Onsite review


P&L review, staffing benchmarks, visit volume assessment

Staff Interviews

One full day is spent on staff interviews

Website Content Assessment

Complete occmed content assessment

Employer Survey

How well are you serving the needs of employers in your market?

Occmed Market Analyzer

How many employees in your market, industry breakdown, competitive analysis, predicted market share, revenues, expenses and profits, 18 month budget, downstream revenue for PT, diagnostics, specialty and inpatient

Policies & Procedures

Onsite and offsite review of your policies & procedures with focus on compliance to occupational health standards

Staff Interviews

One full day of interviews with occupational and employee health department staff, plus applicable admin staff including C-suite, IT, Finance, Billing, etc

Website Content

Employers need to know at-a-glance when they view your website that you provide and truly understand the services they need.

Employer Survey

Let's find out how well you are serving the needs of area employers.

Our professional telemarketers will call your client list and return valuable feedback to find hidden problems and improve or expand your service line.

Productivity Analysis

How productive, efficient and profitable is your occupational medicine department?

How do you compare with national benchmarks?

"The product of your work was valuable and will help our organization in a very practical way.  Looking forward to our future interactions,  Thanks"

Val Akopov, MD, MBA, MHA SVP, WellStar Medical Group 

"Your service has been amazing!    We were struggling to grow the business. We had hit a wall and business had stayed the same over last year.   With strong competitors in our market, we really needed to understand what our market share potential was, and we got it with the Occmed Analyzer report.    

Then we started the telemarketing campaign and I can hardly keep up with the new business!  31 new client appointments in just a few weeks!  This has been a big win for our practice, thanks very much!"  

George Webster, BSA CareXpress, Amarillo, TX

"If you want to learn how to build or rebuild your occ med program- these are the people to help you through it! So much useful information that I was able to start implementing immediately! "

Melissa Prozinski, CentraCare Midwest Occupational Medicine

"I was extremely impressed with your report and your knowledge of occupational medicine concepts and the  implementation of an occ med program. 

I would be most happy to share my thoughts with others. "

Craig Weil, MD Wellstar Health

Consulting Engagements




States Consulted


Experience Matters

The lead consultants on the onsite assessment team have over a century of experience in owning, operating, marketing & sales in occupational medicine, urgent care, employee health and corporate clinics

Donna Lee Gardner, Consultant NAOHP

Larry Earl, MD, President & CEO NAOHP

Dave Saslavsky, Sales & Marketing, WebForDoctors

Ira Pasternack, Digital Marketing, WebForDoctors

Complete OccMed Onsite Assessment Package

2 day onsite assessment - 1 day interviews, 1 day tour, review of documents

Analyzer, portion of policy & procedure, P&L/productivity review may be done offsite

Employer survey over several week period

Full narrative report, Analyzer includes spreadsheet analysis

Fee quoted is for one location, includes all travel & expenses

Most programs will realize an immediate ROI from our recommendations


Travel will be scheduled upon 50% deposit, remainder due in 30 days after onsite visit completed

Free NAOHP Annual Membership Included for up to 10 staff members!

$599 value

Just some of the benefits of membership:

Weekly Town Hall teleconference on OccMed topics

Monthly Occmed webinars - free for members

Discounts on NAOHP-University

Discounts on Manuals & Guides

Preferred Vendor discounts

National conference discounts

Free E&M Coding Analysis Package

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